Teenagers Will Change the World


Hannah Lewis, Entertainment Editor

Many people, especially those who are older, say that from here on out the world is doomed. They say that the last good generation has long passed. They say that kids these days don’t have work ethic and spend too much time on their cell phones, complaining on social media about trivial things.

But there is still hope. After what is considered the disaster that was the millennials, the next generation, will define how people view changing the world and making it a better place.

Millennials are known by clichés. They are accused of living in the moment, thinking only of themselves, and being entitled to their fair share. Millennials lived when spending became wasteful, credit cards were free money, and the world was good and easy before it all crashed down before them. The Millennials rode the good times pony into the Great Recession.

Generation Z, the next great generation, will move past the mistakes of the millennials to make history.

Some people may doubt them. They say that Generation Z is lazy and unmotivated and few of them pay attention to politics or current events. But where the critics place the blame in the technology that has swallowed the youth, technology will be their greatest triumph.

Technology has been the greatest factor in how teenagers will affect the world. This generation has grown up with technology, and know how to use it well. They are known for selfies and social media. While many believe that this is their downfall, that they spend too much time online are wrong.

Many in this generation have a world connection. They rarely see the world in the context of borders, they see a whole living community, because they have seen and met people from around the world through social media. They also see the potential for change. Teenagers today don’t need to make an organization at school against racism, they are forming organizations that spread through miles through social media. They can celebrate successes and support those who are downtrodden. Communities like Tumblr (a popular blogging website) provide advice for people moving out and finding themselves, going through depression or domestic abuse, or those who are coming out as gay to their parents, all within one community. This shows this generation as one that truly cares about one another and wish for a better future.

This generation will also be defined as the new group of entrepreneurs. 72% of Generation Z’s members want to have their own business, according to Millennial Branding. They don’t want to work for the man for the rest of their lives, they want to pave their own path in the world.

A defining moment for them was 9/11, even though they were barely old enough to remember it. After that, the United States went into war, and still isn’t out. This implanted into their minds, the idea that the world is not peaceful.

The future is the basis for these teenagers and children. They have grown up in a world full of hardship, war, protests, and political discourse; but their goal is to change that world into one of peace, community, and just one where everyone has the potential to be happy. They have the work ethic and determination to fulfill these goals.

Moving past every other generation before them, Generation Z will change the world and give history something to talk about. Generation Z will be the greatest generation ever.