Biscuits and Gravy with…Sausage?

FFA hosts a breakfast for staff and to meet the new piglets


Dan Morris

Junior Jared Marquardt, Mrs. Marquardt, and Garrett Hartigan serve biscuits and gravy at the FFA teacher breakfast

Evie Brady and Dallas Kroeger

Teachers and staff enjoyed a free breakfast courtesy of the East High FFA on Wednesday, February 24. The FFA students hosted the teachers in the East High Ag Shop and served coffee, biscuits, gravy, and fruit. The teachers who attended the breakfast also got the chance to meet the Agriculture Department’s pigs.

“We wanted to show how much we appreciate the teachers,” said Nick Hartigan, junior. “We’re just letting them know that we appreciate them letting us miss school so much because FFA is an organization where we have competitions week after week.”

The teacher breakfast was not only a way to show appreciation for the teachers but also a way for the students to show pride for their organization during FFA Pride Week.

“It’s FFA Pride Week and we have themed dress up days every single day of the week,” said junior Jared Marquardt. “Today, Wednesday, is pink day. Everybody wore pink.”

Breakfast guests were encouraged to visit with the FFA’s pigs. The EHS Ag Shop is the proud home of two sows, Annie and Oakley, as well as their 23 piglets. The FFA students are involved in every aspect of caring for the pigs and were excited to get the chance to showcase their hard work for the teachers.