Lots of Laughs in Laramie


Hannah Lewis, Entertainment Editor

From the old man in his posh tweed and tie to the college kid in his ripped jeans and hoodie, fans of comedy gathered to spend a Saturday evening on the UW Campus laughing about five kids, the struggles of exercise, and Hot Pockets. They were here to see the world renowned stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan.

Inside the Arts and Sciences Center auditorium, people rumbled with excitement. Overhead, an announcement came over the speakers: “Will everyone please find their seats, the show will commence in two minutes.” A group of procrastinators that were already seated jumped up in pure panic and hurriedly battled their way against the latecomers towards the bathrooms before the show began.

The opener, a newcomer who cited himself as a mix between Fred Flintstone and Mel Gibson, waltzed on the stage, his notecards in hand. The crowd laughed at the punch lines about K-Mart and the people who so famously say, “Well I’m the kind of guy….”

Though the audience had fallen in love with the opening act, the anticipation for Jim Gaffigan was palpable. Before too long, Gaffigan jumped out from behind the curtain and sauntered out, blinding the audience when the spotlight hit his iconic pale skin. He said his thanks, and the rapid fire sequence of jokes began.

From throwing jokes about how all the locals look primed for the great outdoors to the almost obscene number of trucks roaming around the area, Gaffigan captured his audience. He didn’t hesitate to take a shot at his hosts, explaining that his tour must be in a slow period because, when you’re low on shows, you go to Laramie. The jokes flowed seamlessly, barely giving time for the massive crowd to breathe. But then it came, the moment that left the crowd rolling in their seats, the infamous Hot Pocket bit from Gaffigan’s best-selling show Mr. Universe. It was a joke that was familiar to most of the crowd. Gaffigan drew laughs as the audience was left to ponder who actually eats Hot Pockets for their nutritional value?

As the joke finished, Gaffigan said the dreaded “Goodnight, everybody,” and the audience screamed in applause. The crowd streamed from the theater, talking about their favorite jokes, recalling all the best moments, and looking at the second show’s audience, knowing they would be in for a treat.