Homecoming Adventures


Sarah Huntzinger

Trenton Eldridge and Taylor Stokes enjoy the night on the dance floor during homecoming.

Molly Gjervold, Assistant Photo Editor

The halls are packed with hundreds of students, the scent of fresh corsages and perfume fills the air. Homecoming 2015 is here.

The halls are packed with hundreds of students, and the scent of fresh corsages and perfume fills the air. Homecoming 2015 is here.

The minute you leave your car you’re greeted by hundreds of students lining up eagerly, waiting to enter the building. The glimmering dresses and shining suits packed the halls and the small gym as the music pounds in their hearts and through the halls.

Shining streamers reflected the sparkle of lights strung through the room, and colorful lights blasted patterns of blue, green and purple on the walls and faces of East High.

“The theme was crazy and wild compared to a lot of the other homecoming themes from my high school career,” said senior Tylynn Loghry.

Traditionally, homecoming week hosts crazy, silly spirit-filled days, a wild pep rally, a football game, and a homecoming dance.

To encourage attendance at the dance, the Student Senate gave away tickets to the best theme-inspired costumes during the week.

All week long the halls were filled with bandages and gauze, glitter and ties, feathers and fedoras, and face paint and blue jerseys.

On Friday night, the T-Birds faced the South High Bison. The Bison surprised the Thunderbirds with plenty of scores, but the Thunderbirds kept things under control and rolled to a 41-27 victory.
Saturday night saw hundreds of students gather for the annual dance, and most everyone enjoyed the evening.

“Anybody would hang out with you at the dance, and I thought that was pretty cool,” said freshman Lindsey Ruiz.

The students danced and sang along to their favorite songs and enjoyed each other’s company. It didn’t matter the grade or where someone was from, the party-goers made sure to have a good time.

“The best part of homecoming for me was meeting new people,” said freshman Justus Doolin.

Congratulations to senior Thunderbirds Rachel Pope and Ty Wedl for claiming king and queen of the 2015 Homecoming Court.