‘Yearbook Matters’ Gives Yearbook Staff a Head Start


Maddie Gardner

The 2015-16 Yearbook staff smiles for the camera during the ‘Yearbook Matters’ camp hosted at the Colorado School of Mines in early June.

Courtney Walston, Senior Editor

When the last day of school rolled around, all of the loose ends of the year were tied up for the majority of East High students, but not for the 2015-2016 yearbook staff.

The newbies to the world of yearbook as well as the veterans took part in Jostens ‘Yearbook Matters’ camp in early June to nail down plans for the 2015-16 school year as well as to gain some tips for the coming year. The camp is hosted by regional Jostens representatives and hosts nearly 200 students each summer.

“I wanted to learn how to make the yearbook better and make it more interesting.” said staffer Makayla Eatmon, 11. Considering that Eatmon is a first year staffer, taking part in the ‘Yearbook Matters’ camp proved to be a valuable asset.

“I think I learned a lot about theme and how to portray that,” said Eatmon. “I learned how close our yearbook staff needs to be and how we need to trust everybody and just know that everybody is trust-worthy to do all their jobs and that you can depend on them.”

Now that more light has been shed on the in-depth ideas of the yearbook world and the cohesiveness of the staff, expectations of the book are high.

“I think it’s going to turn out really good,” stated Eatmon. It seems as if the Jostens ‘Yearbook Matters’ camp benefitted the future of the 2015-2016 yearbook.