Barstool Instagram Pages

Kaylee Culley, Contributor

Everyone loves some good competition, but what about competition through social media? Cheyenne East had a barstool sport made on Instagram, with everyone wondering who the person behind the screen is. It’s all you hear about when walking through the hallways, they post daily, talking about the competitors that come through our territory.  While no one really knows how or when this page started, it started a trend within the Laramie County 1 school district, and then it spread throughout the whole state of Wyoming. The page is a fun and appropriate way to mess with other schools we go against, especially focusing on our cross- town rivals Central. 

The students at East love the page, many think that it is a great way to bring the students together. Alexis Dokken,11, is one of those students, “I think so far it has been a positive thing, I feel like it’s not taken that serious, which is why it is funny, and so far, I think it’s about sticking up for our [sport teams] and teammates.”. Lots of students would agree with her, but not all. 

There are always multiple opinions. Kaylee Lundberg, 10, explains, “I think it is a good way for the students to connect,” but she also sees the downsides to a social media account, “but I also think that the things students are allowed to post on the pages should be restricted. It just seems that it can be used to make fun of others and other schools, and [it] should be instead, used to support our school, our teams, and our students.”.  

Now, almost every school in Wyoming has a sports barstool page, but not everything about these pages is positive. Some of the schools can take things a little too far, farther than they should, but there is always room for improvement. While the social page could go through some changes, for the better, it is still a great way to make students laugh and come together to support the sports team at our school.