Helping the Earth Breathe Again


Alyson Jones, reporter

As vibrant colors of red and yellow race through our sky-reaching forests, waves of black snow fall, and Earth’s lungs collapse in a massacre of flames. Once a painted canvas of beautiful blues, is now smudged with our empty chip bags and plastic bottles. Skyscrapers of white ice shrunken down and defeated in the blink of a second. Our life, our home, and our earth, giving out. Reflecting in our ignorant glassy eyes, we watch.

“There’s never been a time where I put much thought into it. I think since we don’t really see and experience it in our everyday lives, it doesn’t impact me as much as it should.” states sophomore Allison Meyer, proving out of sight out of mind is truly a prominent issue.

We scroll past Instagram posts, Snapchat stories, and we completely shut out the background noise of the news stories that break hearts. Like a sorrowful ballad, in one ear and out the other. Ignored. Ignored. Ignored. But not only are we ignoring the news reporters scripted cries, or our peers ‘fit in’ awareness posts. We are ignoring the source of our life and Earth, the sea animals that once splashed playfully in a clean environment, and animals without glaciers to rest on anymore. Soon, all will be forgotten and demolished without proper action.

Junior Emily Ruiz has a heavy heart as she says “Sometimes I wish I would’ve looked at what our world was becoming a long time ago. If we all would’ve done that our world would probably still be healthy and we would be much happier.”

A simple strike of action could easily contribute to a saved and improved world. As residents, we have a duty to take care of our home. We can easily accomplish this by doing simple things such as to conserve water, be car-conscious, reduce, reuse, recycle, give up plastics, plant a tree, etc. Taking care of the place we work, learn, experience, and more should always remain as our first priority. Watching our own lives unfold is getting us nowhere and stepping up is a complete necessity to save our home.